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IP Communication

Brookman LLC is partnered with Interactive Intelligence to bring you a unified IP Business communications solution. By using the IP PBX hosted or on premise innovative contact center software, Brookman can give you the functionality in voice, messaging and fax that will be more efficient, more economical and better able to serve the dynamics of your day-to-day activities. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the best service with Interactive Intelligence’s cutting-edge technologies. For information on what Brookman LLC and Interactive Intelligence can do for you please visit.

Contact Center Solutions

Many of the issues that hinder a good contact center stem from the fact that the multiple functions necessary to run day-to-day operations are running independently of each other. The Interactive Intelligence unified messaging contact center merges these different operations into one strong platform. Some of the key benefits of the contact center are:

  • Manage and blend inbound/outbound multi-channel interactions 

  • Automate multimedia routing and queuing processes 

  • Create revenue-producing outbound campaigns 

  • Improve training, agent performance, remote agents included 

  • Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction 

  • Use metrics to increase the accuracy of forecasts and schedules 

  • Simplify administration in a single, central environment 

  • Connect multi-site operations with a single platform



BROOKMAN‘s consulting practice works with the management team based on their business objectives around Customer Experience, Contact Management, Service Management, Knowledge Management, and Relationship Management across the business operations - customer facing operations as well as IT infrastructure and the processes, tools and technologies, e.g., ITIL, ITSM, KCS, etc. All directly based on the business objectives to obtain bottom line business performance. We work with companies to build multi-year strategies based on company growth objectives and have consulted in design, consolidation or virtualization of call and contact centers and managed the migration, virtualization or consolidation; and established the service level requirements and metrics to measure the success and bottom line return on these centers.

Business Process Management

Brookman LLC connects your communications and business process automation together with Interactive Intelligence’s Interaction Process Automation platform. This platform moves beyond just “enabling” communications within applications or business process management suites. IPA becomes the process automation platform for the company, orchestrating processes across people, departments, and your existing core business applications. Because it was built on top of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), it leverages proven communications technology that has been in use for years in contact centers around the world. IPA is designed to reduce costs and provide a quantifiable return on Investment for Unified Communications by automating processes that are far more efficient than their manual counterparts, enabling companies to accomplish more with fewer required resources.

Unified Messaging

More than simply a voicemail system, ININ’s Contact Center’s Messaging Interaction Center (MIC) allows organizations in business, higher education, healthcare, and other sectors to streamline every aspect of messaging from a single standards-based platform. MIC also makes sense from every aspect of IT management and business growth with its:


  • All-in-one application-driven approach to voicemail systems and data messaging

  • N+1 architecture and access to voicemails even if unified messaging email infrastructure is down

  • Single-site and multi-site configuration capabilities

  • Integration to Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM Lotus Notes® and or Sun iPlanet™ Mail Server, simultaneously if needed

  • Scalability to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes

  • Web-based single-point administration and “anywhere” access

  • Easy migration to voice over IP (VoIP) via the SIP standard

  • Flexible choose-by-function deployment options


MIC also is one of few voicemail systems on the market that allows an organization to structure the precise system it needs, based on users and their needs. The unified messaging structure allows voicemail, email, fax and instant messaging to all use one scalable system.

IT Service Management

Brookman LLC specializes in remote IT service management. With our Brookman Managed Service Agent, we can remotely monitor and fix issues that arise on your computer. We also have a staff of trained and experienced professionals to come to your place of business and fix the issues that cannot be fixed remotely. Our Flat-Rate business plan, also ensures that your computer network will be running well with a price that is economical and without the underlying extra costs of our competitors. As a company, we focus on small to medium size businesses that have a profound need to have their systems up and running as economically and efficiently as possible, which is why we strive to be Building Service ExcellenceTM for all of our customers

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