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Brookman, LLC

Brookman is the technology and services company that can bring efficient and economical solutions to your IT and service problems. With our focus on the people, processes and technology, we deliver simple, convenient and positive customer experience leveraging existing and available technologies to deliver higher bottom line performance for your organization or business.


We do this through consulting, training, staffing, and service management that covers areas which include; customer experience, service, relationship and contact management. These includeknowledge management, IT infrastructure (ITIL and ITSM), Help Desk service management, and the integration of enabling technologies building service excellencesm in your business or organization.

Meet the President
Joe Brookman, CEO| Phone: 301.515.0450 ext 7500

W. J. (Joe) Brookman formed BROOKMAN, LLC is 2007 as an IT and IP communications solutions company. BROOKMAN provides IT managed services and IP communications solutions built on the Interactive Intelligence Interaction Center platform.  The IP communications platform is a full IP PBX, multi-channel contact center platform, and process automation environment.  Mr. Brookman also leads Interactive’s Department of Defense Telecommunications Network certification efforts.  He began his career at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories for 18 years in telecommunications, operations and large managed service environment; he also was part of UNIX System Laboratories, a spin-off of Bell Laboratories where he served as a Director of Strategy and Product Management.  From there Mr. Brookman worked for Novell and Hewlett Packard in there large systems division.  He served on the board of directors for Microlog Corporation and became President and CEO in, 2003-2006. 


Our Company Values
  • Everyone feels at home and welcome, their own unique and special place in our family.

  • Our workday is like a silent dance party- Fun, awkward, and it’s cool!

  • We instigate delight for ourselves, our team and our customers.

  • We're always growing and learning so we can be heroes to our customers and communities. #superman #iamthebatman #wonderwoman

  • We make a difference and enjoy the journey… We’re Tony Stark meets Easy Rider.

  • We’re a fabulous and chilled out Silicon Valley, in DC.

  • And everyone has your "6". That's military for 'got your back’.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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